Thomas Tadlock

At age 34, Thomas Tadlock was a broke, out of work, personal trainer. By age 36, he became 100% financially free by creating multiple streams of passive income in the areas of real-estate, investing, precious metals, e-commerce, and creating one of the largest fitness boot camps in Orange County, CA. Thomas has successfully led trainings for thousands of individuals, organizations and entrepreneurs nation-wide, including professional recording artists, models, and entrepreneurs. He is a master trainer for 3 different fitness companies and has been featured on multiple fitness DVDs. Thomas holds a master’s degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion and eight national fitness certifications. Today, Thomas is semi-retired and spends most of his time with his family, traveling the country teaching others how to create financial, professional and personal independence.

Dennis Cummins

A graduate of New York Chiropractic College, Dennis began his career in 1992 as a Chiropractic Associate earning $30K/year. In 1994, owing $98,000 in student loans, he borrowed money to purchase a building and opened Park Place Chiropractic and Wellness Centre. Using the building’s equity, Dennis purchased an additional property to generate rental income, and repeated this process purchasing several more commercial rental properties over the course of the next few years. The result of his clear and focused strategy was extraordinary: in 2000, Dennis opened his 2nd clinic, became the first Corporate Chiropractor for the world headquarters of a Fortune 500 company, and his financial portfolio was worth more than one million dollars, making him financially free at the age of 35! Dennis continues to set and accomplish his goals, believes strongly in continued education and maintains a healthy balance between his professional and personal life.

Doug Nelson

Doug Nelson’s story is a quintessential rags-to-riches journey. His experience as a child growing up in poverty became the catalyst that made him decide he would create his own wealth and freedom. At 23, Doug started the first of many successful businesses. By age 34, he was completely financially free. Later that year Doug lived through an event that would forever change his life — he was in a serious natural gas explosion. Coming back from the brink of death and spending a year in rehabilitation, Doug realized the power of his unique financial situation. His passion and his mission became teaching people how to change their money blueprint for wealth and success, so that no matter what happens in their life they are financially independent. Doug has taught tens of thousands of students internationally the principles and skills of creating Financial Freedom.

Robert Riopel

After working in management for three companies that downsized and laid-off most of their employees, Robert Riopel decided to take control of his own destiny. At 23, Robert purchased a franchise pizza business, turning it into an extremely profitable enterprise. Using the knowledge he gained, he went on to take six other stores from near bankruptcy to high profits. Unfortunately, as his income skyrocketed, so did his unconscious habit of spending all he earned. He eventually wound up $150,000 in debt. However, by using principles he learned from the Millionaire Mind Intensive, he went from deep debt to being financially free and retired by age 32. Robert came out of retirement to become the lead trainer. With his heartfelt style, he now teaches the same principles that have changed his life and the lives of thousands of people all over the world.

Success Resources America presents

Millionaire Mind Intensive

At Success Resources America, we believe that education and learning transcends all boundaries and all obstacles. Since the establishment of Success Resources in 1988 we have proudly and positively impacted over 10 million lives across 35 countries, becoming the leading global provider of live events, in-person courses, and experiential workshops.

We believe in creating a supportive learning environment.

We create an environment where every task is pursued with excellence, every mistake is a learning opportunity, and every moment is purpose-based driven toward positive outcomes.

We believe in collaboration and networking.

We believe in the power of strong, supportive networks, mutually beneficial partnerships, and relationships founded in on the basis of service.

We believe in promoting personal and professional success.

We are centered on delivering the best learning and educational resources to engage, equip, and empower individuals to succeed both personally and professionally.

We believe you have unlimited potential.

We believe our greatest asset is people, and we invest time and energy in nurturing them. We place no limits on how far they can grow, and strive to promote greatness in the lives we touch.

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Reserve your seat at a 3-day course near you!

This 3-day intensive will give you the tools and the training to achieve your personal and professional financial goals! Learn to create financial opportunities for more income, and proven ways to manage your money and grow your wealth more effectively.

Note: This is an intensive and holistic 3-day event. All students are required to check-in on the first day of the event, and complete the course in entirety. You must attend the full three days to get the best results! No check-ins will be permitted on Saturday or Sunday.

DAY 1:

You will leave the Millionaire Mind 3-Day Intensive Course knowing what your money mindset is, and with the ability to change it. You may not know that how you view money can affect how much you earn, keep, and invest. At the 3-Day Course you will take a test to assess your subconscious conditioning of money, and learn how to use several tools that will help you reprogram your money mindset for prosperity, and ultimate success.

DAY 2:

You will also learn to create your own financial vision, set goals, and identify potential income-growth opportunities. In the Workbook you will receive at the 3-Day Course you will get the easiest Money Management System. This system will help you as an individual, as a professional, as a small business owner, or you as a couple to categorize, manage, and grow your current income.

DAY 3:

Finally, you will define an action plan to reach your full financial potential, setting clear goals with realistic timelines so you can track your progress. That’s not all. . . upon completion of the Course you will gain access to a 90-Day Workbook and Home Learning Online Course, in addition to other valuable tools that will help you stay on-track after you have graduated!


Reserve your seat at a 3-day course near you!

This 3-day intensive will give you the tools and the training to achieve your personal and professional financial goals! Learn to create financial opportunities for more income, and proven ways to manage your money and grow your wealth more effectively.


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July 27-29, 2018
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August 3-5, 2018
Twelve Atlantic Station

Portland, OR

September 7-9, 2018
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September 21-23, 2018
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